Larry Stapleton’s poetry has been published in recent years in literary journals in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and the USA. He draws inspiration in particular from the Irish coastline which provides the setting for several poems, the themes of which can range widely.  In many instances the poems reflect his concerns relating to environmental issues. Biodiversity loss and climate change and its impacts and are high among these. The themes of love and loss are prominent in several of his poems.  He also has had a longtime interest in the life and work of Vincent van Gogh.


‘It has a poise and stillness and control that work well together. A clearly realised scene, full of necessary detail, and a ritual, processional kind of movement.’   ‘I like the slow meandering movement of this. I also like the care that goes into the description – the reader is there . . . the scene fills the mind effectively.’         – Peter Sirr


Latest – THE BOUNDLESS AND MIRACULOUS – Found Poems from the Letters of Vincent van Gogh was published by The Liffey Press in October 2019.